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Daily rent apartments Alupka


Lenina-ul, 5 б

house +7978 014 47... Updated 13.01.2018
21 EUR

Kalinina-ul, 30

2 rooms +38(066) 701-45...
19 EUR

Kalinina-ul, 30

house +38(066) 701-45...
17 EUR

Kalinina-ul, 30

house +38(066) 701-45...
21 EUR

Lenina-ul, 44

house +38(066) 451-76...
19 EUR

Schepkina-ul, 15

house +38(095) 558-99...
13 EUR

Primorskaya-ul, 4

1 rooms +38(050) 497-57...
17 EUR

Surikova-ul, 18

2 rooms +38(050) 496-16...
13 EUR

Surikova-ul, 18

2 rooms +791108971...
25 EUR

Lenina-ul, 15

house +797875048...
19 EUR

Zapadnaya-ul, 9а

1 rooms +38(066) 426-08...
13 EUR


house +797877934...
13 EUR

Yujnaya-ul, 5

house +38(065) 260-22...
17 EUR

Zapadnaya-ul, 19

2 rooms +797873872...


house +38(099) 906-89...

Kalinina-ul, 23

house +38(066) 556-85...
13 EUR

Lenina-ul, 35

house +797875447...

Lenina-ul, 5 б

house +7978 014 47...

Rent appartments in recreation area Alupka

It is approaching a marvellous, lon-waited season for every human - summer vacations. If you want to visit well-known city Alupka, flats daily will be awesome place for your comfortable resting.

When you plan carefully your rest, first of all you need to think how many people are going to rest with you. A lot of people like to travel with companies of friends or family, and one need to take this to the account while looking for a place to stay.

If you want to rent apartments quickly, visit our site and choose for you and your company the best variant.

Comfortable daily flats in Alupka

We are happy to offer you marvellous flats daily in Alupka at a good price. Any apartment will be ready for your arrival at the precise date.

Every flat has such amenities:

  • fresh linen

  • a set of personal hygiene things

  • bathrobes

  • cutlery

  • microwave

  • TV

  • comfortable and esthetic furniture

Many flats have Internet, given that our owners always carefully take to the account the desires of the clients.

In our businesslike world people need to be online almost 24 hours per day.

Do you plan your vacations beforehand? Then you can choose any flat you like, that is displayed for rent only after the redecoration.

To rent apartment in Alupka one don’t need to spend a lot of time and efforts. It is enough to visit our site, choose the most convenient variant and make booking for the necessary dates.

the pros of renting a flat in our site is the convenience of choosing a housing. You can choose a flat in any convenient time, gather with your friends or family and together choose the best variant.

Additional benefits

The design of housing and its location play a great role, especially for kids, who very often miss home during vacations. Some flats daily in Alupka apart from all those benefits have:

-washing machines

-ironing board

-kids chairs


-kids beds designed especially for the needs of small children

Therefore, you can enjoy your rest fully, we have taken care about that.

Choose flats daily in Alupka at good price in our site at any convenient time. We work without week-ends or holidays.


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